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Minecraft. Why i hate complainers

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Minecraft. Why i hate complainers Empty Minecraft. Why i hate complainers

Post  xxLEOxx on Tue May 29, 2012 2:50 pm

Today i saw one of Adamzonetopmarks videos, and there they said that jeb has removen emeralds ore from the new pre-release's, just because of people spamming that the emerald ore is to rear. I think if the emerald ore would have been in Minecraft for a while, he had maybe made it more common, or made tools that are better than diamonds, and armour that had a special effect, like Torch light, Defensive, high jump or Liquid Defensive. You should be able to comebine emerald and some random stuff and get for example: Defensive orb/crystal and comebine it with armour to get better armor. All this could happen, but because of the complainers, it will not happen. Thats why i don' like complainers. Neutral

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