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Post  0wnage0tter on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:39 pm

I've seen some of your videos, and think that you're amazing. This is why I ask you this question; Will you do a video of Minecraft Control Point?

(Le sad story)
MCCP is a custom gamemode made by various members of Team Vareide. Sadly, if this gametype doesn't get enough people to play on, they need to stop. For the community that played this gametype for some time, and for the people that play on the servers for some time, it is very sad to hear. Alot of the community want this gametype to stay, but then we need to get this gametype more... spread. So if you could make a video about MCCP, or just playing on it, that would be very awesome and appreciated. You can check their site out on mccp.me or minecraftcontrolpoint.com .

I would love you if you did this <3

~0wnage0tter, leader of Luna


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